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I am very honoured by the following comments from satisfied clients:

Canadian Living magazine featured an article on iconic journalist Peter Gzowski’s condo renovation that we did in 1992.  I treasure his words to this day.

Of Libby he says: “She’s still fussing with things. And she’s much tougher than I would dare to be. People have this funny idea that designers cost money. Designers actually save you thousands of dollars, and millions worth of headaches and heartache. They are worth their weight in gold.”
—Peter Gzowski, Canadian Living, September 1992

From our vantage point the work was all done to a high standard and went smoothly. Thank you for creating an excellent renovation experience for us.” —Louisa and Mike

“We had a dinner party last night….our friends were blown away…because of the new kitchen, dining/living room design…first reviews are in and you’re a big hit, but we knew that already.” —Craig

“We’ve been living here quite a bit now…it’s just been so wonderful…everyone who comes in says how peaceful it is, how wonderful it is. It’s proving to be such a beautiful home.” —Zella

“We get more wows and oohs and aahs from our wonderful library than any other space in our house…everyone is impressed with the intelligent design.” —Srini

“I walked into a beautiful apartment. It is just gorgeous. You are spot on! Traditional, yet still modern. You did it again! I’m absolutely thrilled with everything.” —Janet

“I wish I could claim credit for this satisfying state of affairs – but I know that your skill and artistic eye guided me every step of the way and I thank you for it.” —Jan